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We take great pride in our work and our artists are one of the most talented the area has to offer to you. According to us body art is very personal to each and every individual. To make your body art stand out, we give great attention to each and every details like careful application.


Tattoo Types

What makes tattoos unique, are their different looks, styles, what they want to convey and which part of the body will they be more suited for.

Tattoo designs can either be your unique design idea or the artist’s interpretation of it. There are myriad designs and styles, each with their own significance and meaning.

Traditional tattoos are old-school, often featuring religious symbols with a limited color palette. Caricature or realistic images look like skin photographs and require precise skill, which our artists possess.

Tribal tattoos are ancient, often in black, use geometric design and look eye-catching on exposed hands and legs. Japanese tattooing is sacred, based on ancient traditions and is often done on large areas of the body such as the back and chest.

Geometric designs are very popular tattoo styles, where symmetry and repetition enhance the beauty of the tattoo, often with a 3-D effect. Swirly, with intricate fonts, script tattoos are very personal, often chosen for their ancient scriptures and by customer’s themselves.

Tattoos can be chosen based on specific styles or a combination of different style. You can even give us your design and we will customize it for you.


Do you want to mark a special day in your life?

Love your kids so much that you want to carry you with them wherever you go?

Want to use your body as a form of self-expression?

NashJack Tattoo Studio inks your dream designs, just the way you like it!

Housed within an eclectic parlour, NashJack Tattoo Studio will give expression to your body art. Tattoos are our identity and we’ve been doing it for several years. Our artist takes body art very seriously and we consider the customer’s inputs, give it our unique creative spin and customize a tattoo design that best represents what you want to convey.

Tattoos last a lifetime, and when done, have to be done right.

NashJack artists have experience of a decade, with a versatile body of work in different design genres. Our studio is clean, bright, hygienic and energetic and we journey with you through the tattoo process to make sure you will love what we design for you.

You get tattooed just once, why not get it done by us?


Tattoo Artist Profile

Tattoo artist Prabesh Bardewa from Darjeeling has worked at his craft for the last 10 years. Having done his basics and advanced courses from reputed Ink Academy, he worked at several reputed salons in his career, including a stint at high profile salon as a hairdresser and tattoo artist.

Prabesh is experienced at producing a versatile variety of tattoo designs, from portrait to tribal and even religious. He also works with clients to create their own customised designs.


Now that you're tattoo is done and design finished, the after-care rests solely in your hands. The artist isn't responsible for any infection or problems that may arise for lack of proper care. After-care guidelines must be followed carefully or it will mar the look of a beautiful tattoo.

Your artist would have bandaged the tattoo immediately after it is complete. - This is to ensure air-borne bacteria don’t infect the raw wound. Your beautiful tattoo is still open flesh, and is prone to getting infected. Leave the bandage on for 4-6 hours till the wound dries up.

After removing the bandage, wash your tattoo with organic soap wash which we will provide. - Use lukewarm water to wash away any dried blood and ointment. Avoid using a wash cloth or anything abrasive, just plain hands will do. If the tattoo area feels slimy, plasma is probably oozing from the wound. Gently remove as much of this as possible, even dried scabs.

Pat the area dry gently, with a clean towel. - Don't rub harshly. Allow tattoo to air-dry.

Apply Vitamin ADA antibiotic very lightly to the wound for the next 4-5 days. - You can continue with this till the wound heals completely. AVOID NEOSPORIN ointment, since it isn't suitable for everyone and might cause allergic reactions.

Tattoo wounds can form scabs and peel in certain cases. - In case this is seen, soften the scab with a little coconut/olive oil for about 5 minutes, 2-3 times/day and they will fall off on their own. Itching while healing is also a natural process. DON’T PICK or SCRATCH the wound, instead rub it gently with a soft cloth or hand. In case of peeling, apply a lotion to the tattoo. Scabs often fall away on their own.